Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can power walking be counted as a training run?

Yesterday I had every intention of getting up early and getting my training run in. Well, that didn't exactly happen. So I decided that I would go right after work. Well yesterday in Pittsburgh it was muggy and hot. It felt like walking in a bowl of cream of potato soup.

I had to run a bunch of errands yesterday so I decided to walk to Oakland, run my errands, and walk back to Shadyside. I wore my Garmin and I walked 3.56 miles in 1:01.

It started raining huge fat drops just as I was finishing up. And when I got out of work it was still storming. So I decided that today my power walk would count as my training run. Now I wouldn't suggest doing all of your marathon training as power walking unless you are going to power walk the marathon. But I think that once in a while, when life is working against you it will just have to do.

Going for a 50 minute easy run in a little bit per my training plan. I just finished dinner about 10 minutes ago. I haven't had too many problems with running after dinner as long as I wait about an hour after I'm done eating. Wish me luck!

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