Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Short and Sweet

This is what it is like right now in Pittsburgh:

As soon as I started running I knew I wasn't going to make it the entire 50 minutes that I was scheduled to run.  So I decided to split it up into 2 runs.  25 minutes tonight and 25 minutes tomorrow morning before work.  Now that will mean that I will run twice tomorrow.  But I'm o.k. with that because it is supposed to be cooler tomorrow (I'm crossing my fingers that it is).  

I'm just going to take a second to say how much the weather has sucked this summer in Pittsburgh.  I hate, hate, hate hot and humid weather.  My husband and I have not been happy campers this summer.  

O.k.  back to the run.  It actually wasn't bad because I knew it would be over soon.  I wanted to run faster than 10 minute miles and I succeeded.  

P.S.  Watermelon is the best post run snack!

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